About Us

Calgary Driving School is certified by the Government of Alberta Transportation Department. We are also a member of BBB. Calgary Driving School has provided and will continue to provide quality and excellent training to thousands of Calgarian drivers.

We offer a complete range of programs for people with or without experience. Our courses are designed to include strong attention on road safety and accident prevention. If you've never put your foot to the pedal or you're looking towards a driving career, Calgary Driving School has the program to fulfill your driving needs. Our professional instructors will make you feel comfortable and confident while they instruct you towards a rewarding driving experience.

Through our all new online service you can take the defensive driving course online.

Why Calgary Driving School (CDS)

Proud of 62 years excellent training to 3 generations of Calgarians. # We are the original Calgary Driving School # We are member of Better Business Bureau # Our rate is A+ # Your Satisfaction guaranteed # We have a special training for young drivers # We will be happy to answer your questions at any time # We train our students like our family members # We don't have any hidden charges # We update our training with the change of traffic rules and regulations # We have great friendly customer service # Our prices always have been fair and competitive # All trainings under supervision of Traffic Safety Specialist # We are focus on class 5 students # We don't charge our students for pick up and drop off # Our instructors are our employees not contractors # We are not just another driving school # We have highest educated instructor in Canada # We are not claiming, we are the best, we let ourstudents decide about it # Our excellent training is measured by how we are perceived by our students # Trust our expert instructors to make it easy to learn how to drive safely # Defensive driving and collision avoidance are included in all our lessons